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Avatar for uturn1
"Smoke Will Rise"
2/12/2014 9:33:10 PMEST
Avatar for uturn1
Luck to all.... Sandy you and you husband. have a great speedweeks. From Nc. Snowing like heck.
2/12/2014 9:32:35 PMEST
Avatar for tstdanny
Harvick will be starting off just like the day he started at RCR, A WIN
2/12/2014 6:25:54 PMEST
Avatar for Newmanbabe
I smell ROSES!
2/12/2014 6:24:17 PMEST
Avatar for Newmanbabe
Oh good lord....I see a *Michigan* icon....Yuck! Go Green!
2/12/2014 6:23:49 PMEST
Avatar for Newmanbabe
Been awhile since I dropped in....Rush, glad to see you back....*As you can see, Amped has taken over the seat in the *4 Used Rubbers Makes for a Goodyear*...
2/12/2014 6:20:55 PMEST

Ok Jr. Lets get off to a good start!
2/12/2014 1:41:09 PMEST
Avatar for benracin88
I was disappointed when the old NASCAR dot com site discontinued this game - I always enjoyed playing it. I am looking forward to reconnecting with some of my old friends from the old dot com site on here. I've missed you all.
2/12/2014 11:57:37 AMEST
Avatar for danieljo
Been too long of a winter in WI, start your engines!!
2/12/2014 9:26:18 AMEST
Avatar for raddad3584
Put the rods on skis and use the 4 wheelers to drag em around
2/11/2014 5:30:41 PMEST
Avatar for gramps1
man it's been a long winter lets get the rods and the bikes out if you can fifure what to do with all the snow
2/11/2014 4:48:58 PMEST
Avatar for psrush
In all the years I've went there, many many times I have sat in layered clothes. And it doesn't matter how many layers you have on. When it's cold its colder in the stands. It really slows down my beer drinking:)
2/11/2014 1:40:34 PMEST
Avatar for ampedup26
If I remember right the weather wasn't very good the year before last (?). Seems like it was cold for Florida...like 50 degrees or something. Seems like I remember you posting something like that.
2/10/2014 10:09:46 PMEST
Avatar for psrush
Well amped. I've never sat at a race in the snow.......yet. But I will :).
2/10/2014 9:42:35 PMEST
Avatar for ampedup26
Just went to the picks page..still a lot of drivers with the wrong numbers. Hope they get it fixed before Daytona.
2/10/2014 9:38:26 PMEST
Avatar for ampedup26
psrush, as crazy as the weather's been everywhere this year I'm not even sure you'll be safe from the snow in Daytona....seriously tho' I hope it's nice while you're there. Have fun and be safe if I don't get back on here before you leave on Thurs.
2/10/2014 9:24:24 PMEST
Avatar for mailman53
Richard Petty is right too, Danica sucks
2/10/2014 8:18:32 PMEST

Glad they fixed the all star race title this year. Was very unhappy last year that they told us to pick for the showdown when in reality it was the all star race.
2/10/2014 7:29:44 PMEST
Avatar for ronald
start your engines ready for new season 2014
2/10/2014 2:53:13 PMEST
Avatar for rsholtzer
hello to all im new here but been a fan for years cant wait till engines fire go 24 go hendrick
2/10/2014 12:52:45 PMEST
Avatar for mhancock
So ready for racing season, not just NASCAR but local racing :)
2/10/2014 12:51:22 PMEST
Avatar for Shabam
Come join us for a little friendly competition... the public group is called "points racing"...
2/10/2014 9:23:24 AMEST

Ready to see Kevin Harvick kick some butt!
2/9/2014 10:50:51 PMEST
Avatar for psrush
BTW......I'm leaving Thursday for DAYTONA!!!!! Hopefully a good 12 days of weather and great races!! Been nothing here but one ice storm after another, snow & more snow coming tonight. Unusual for Ky. Gotta get farther south:)
2/9/2014 10:28:16 PMEST
Avatar for psrush
Amped, I did read that qualifying is changing. Your right, lots to learn before racing starts. Especially the ones that changed cars. That usually keeps me screwed up for a couple of years. I'll call the 39 Newman all season.
2/9/2014 10:25:58 PMEST
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