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well did you hear the reason the pit light was red but the flagman was waving the green flag at pit road .the guys jacketto turn on the light got caught in the fence. ya ok nascar its your story
3/24/2014 9:57:48 AMEST
Avatar for uturn1
Your welcome beaches,yea track surface makes since too.
3/24/2014 5:14:44 AMEST
Avatar for uturn1
Get well Denny....
3/24/2014 5:11:59 AMEST
Avatar for uturn1
Looks like dennys health problem is worse than thougt . In hospital with severe headaches and presure behind eye.
3/24/2014 5:09:31 AMEST
Avatar for StackeDeck
Boo Yah, thank you Mr.Larson, I said it here folks, Larson will be a force to be reckoned with at Fontana for years to come, and I think it just might be one of his personal stomping grounds like Kyle had Bristol for a few years. 3rd this week on Jock website. Woo!
3/24/2014 2:19:14 AMEST

Well that was the crappiest score/race ever........... Thanks Denny Hamlin & Goodyear Tires.
3/24/2014 12:31:43 AMEST
Avatar for Beaches
The "experts" said this was the same tire as last year but the cars are a little different with spoiler and package. Also said if the track is going to stay the same, not be repaved, then Goodyear needs to bring a different tire. They still believe camber and low air pressure may have played into the mix.
3/24/2014 12:14:31 AMEST
Avatar for Beaches
Thanks uturn. That is the word and what they said. Getting ready to watch Victory Lane and see what they say.
3/24/2014 12:01:37 AMEST
Avatar for uturn1
Mopargary could explane it better. I just raced karts. He races the dirt cars.
3/23/2014 11:51:13 PMEST
Avatar for uturn1
Then you have stagger. if you take a red solo cup and roll it. It will go left because of narrow end and tall end. But today's tires don't have much stagger. Mostly dirt tires. Race on.
3/23/2014 11:47:09 PMEST
Avatar for uturn1
Makes the car turn easier to left..or vise a versee.
3/23/2014 11:32:23 PMEST
Avatar for uturn1
Beaches. its called camber. its the angle the tire patch that hits the road, the cars turn left so the angle of the patch of the tire leans to left. front and rear tires look like this \-\ \-\ so sidewall of tire is compromised with low air pressure.
3/23/2014 11:27:45 PMEST
Avatar for Beaches
amped, I get what you are saying but I don't know that all the blame can go on Goodyear as a few other areas played in. It was mentioned several times about the angle of the tire (not sure of the actual word) and that angled too far would cause tire wear. Also mentioned was condition of the track itself.
3/23/2014 11:13:08 PMEST
Avatar for ampedup26
I hate seeing the outcome of a race determined by circumstances like a crap load of blown tires instead of the ability and performance of the drivers and crew members. Goodyear should reimburse the fans half of their money.
3/23/2014 9:33:47 PMEST

Your right nightow they should give a alternate every race or pick from the week before list and put in automatic
3/23/2014 9:19:16 PMEST
Avatar for Big Daddy
Big Daddy
3/23/2014 9:18:59 PMEST
Avatar for nightowl88
By the time they said Denny was not driving it was to late to change your picks that's not right
3/23/2014 9:13:08 PMEST
Avatar for vandelay75
Shoulda known better than to have that sissy Denny Hamlin in my picks. what a little drama queen.
3/23/2014 9:00:21 PMEST
Avatar for pamcakes
KYLE BUSCH IS THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3/23/2014 8:50:02 PMEST
Avatar for rsholtzer
guess gordon got screewed by the 15 again oh well thats racing
3/23/2014 8:17:45 PMEST
Avatar for ejl1
Birge, I picked the 11 car and didn't get any points. I guess that's what happens when you race drivers instead of cars.
3/23/2014 8:16:47 PMEST
Avatar for rsholtzer
how can some drivers pit when pit road light is red and dont get penalized.while others wait for green and go to back of field very disapointed with nascar this week
3/23/2014 8:12:23 PMEST
Avatar for Muddy188
Went from 37th to 124th in one race, blame it on goodyear tires, to many flats
3/23/2014 7:58:59 PMEST

607 what a bad score had kyle in right spot
3/23/2014 7:58:40 PMEST
Avatar for Birge
Not getting the points for the 11 car is bull crap.......
3/23/2014 7:50:26 PMEST
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