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I'm convinced whoever does this is not into sports, LOL.
11/3/2014 9:11:46 AMEST

BK needs to set down for the rest of the season for the statement that he made. He said he well wreck other drivers to win, thus making him a very dangerous driver on the track.
11/3/2014 9:10:44 AMEST
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ok 7 of 10 and 815
11/3/2014 8:05:57 AMEST
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yep evidently the finish is wrong so I didnt get 8 of 10 where is a website to find proper results?
11/3/2014 7:48:34 AMEST
Avatar for ceepoe
EDWARDS FINISHED 9th NOT 26th..............
11/3/2014 7:09:20 AMEST
Avatar for rathrrun
8 of 10 wow !!! and JJ wins , although I didnt pick him to . gotta quit betting on the shrub
11/3/2014 7:05:05 AMEST
Avatar for rpm43
RESULTS for this week are all goofed up
11/3/2014 2:29:34 AMEST
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Damn, didn't SEEM to realize that the **** spelling police were on here SORRY
11/3/2014 12:07:51 AMEST
Avatar for DrSmoke14
i have 931 right now, would love to keep it. Be many complaints im sure.
11/3/2014 12:04:41 AMEST
Avatar for Beaches
DrSmoke, any bets on the number of complaints when the scores get fixed and they end up being lower. I know I'd rather keep the 863 but that's not gonna happen. lol
11/2/2014 11:45:40 PMEST
Avatar for vking1
Or can't seem to be able to spell...Ooops. I started that sentence with a preposition!!
11/2/2014 11:39:31 PMEST
Avatar for DrSmoke14
What is even funnier then the scoring ***** up is with all the idiots that cant seam to read. How many times to people gotta say it. Damn learn to read people
11/2/2014 10:54:29 PMEST

This is all f**** up there is no way anyone should be able to get a real high score without cheating some how and got pull with wsaz..
11/2/2014 10:52:23 PMEST

Hey your point's are wrong, I picked Johnson/Harvick 1&2 and you only gave me bonus points for Johnson..What about Harvick???
11/2/2014 10:41:11 PMEST
Avatar for uturn1
They will fix it.
11/2/2014 9:41:19 PMEST
Avatar for DrSmoke14
if ur hoping this site does anything soon you havent been on here a long time. 2morow at the earliest
11/2/2014 9:20:16 PMEST
Avatar for photoman
If you knuckleheads had been paying attention that are in individual groups, you would have noticed that scores were posted along time before the race ended. Why are you just now seeing the goof?
11/2/2014 9:20:14 PMEST

Unreal I hope it is fixed semi soon
11/2/2014 8:54:11 PMEST
Avatar for sparkywoot
Ampedup26 same here from 881 will go to actual score of 791. Get it straight Upickem, my feelings are hurt.
11/2/2014 8:51:49 PMEST

Yeah I had 7 drivers come in the top 10 but the way they have it is up setting!
11/2/2014 8:48:32 PMEST

scoring is messed up !!!! FIX IT !!!!
11/2/2014 8:46:34 PMEST
Avatar for barlow
had a 821 when scores get adjusted
11/2/2014 8:33:27 PMEST

wow crazyness on the scoring
11/2/2014 8:21:04 PMEST
Avatar for ampedup26
Hey...or hay...leave the scores alone! I've got an 887 the way they stand now...if they fix them I'll only have 727.
11/2/2014 8:20:57 PMEST
Avatar for dwracing38
they got the finishing order all wrong, therefore points and scores are wrong.
11/2/2014 8:17:21 PMEST
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226-250 of 5562 Messages